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Learn useful Japanese words, including slang words, and conversational phrases that Japanese people use in everyday life. The use of this Web site is free, and you don't need to log in or go though the annoying fill-in-the-form thing in order to view the contents!

This Web site is designed for beginners. You may be overwhelmed at first by complicated alphabets used in Japanese writing, but don't worry! The purpose of this Web site is not to force you to memorize hundreds of kanji, Chinese characters, but rather to give you the basic ideas of the Japanese language.

Do you have trouble pronouncing Japanese words? I'll help you pronounce Japanese words by giving you my original pronunciation tips.

I've been asked many times, "Can you write my name in Japanese?" Well, you may find your name here: My Name in Japanese.

In addition to providing online lessons, this Web site is intended to help you become familiar with Japan and its culture. In the Japan news page, you will find links to some of the hottest news from Japan, including odd news and entertainment news.

Please take the time to sign the Guestbook! By using the guestbook, you can exchange information, talk about Japanese culture, or ask questions. (Please read Terms of Use carefully before posting a message.)

NOTE: You need to be able to view Japanese characters through your Web browser in order to view this Web site properly.

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12/23/09 - made a minor change to contact info
03/31/09 - deleted the guestbook because of spam
12/21/08 - added 11 photos in the Photo Gallery page
10/21/08 - added 14 photos in the Photo Gallery page
08/13/08 - deleted all the messages in the guestbook due to an increasing amount of spam
05/28/08 - added 4 photos in the Photo Gallery page

We have a Blog, but it's been a while since the last update: Blog.

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